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Shreyas Shipping & Logistics creates history by becoming first shipping company to service domestic containerised cargo movement at all Indian ports, from Mundra to Kolkata

Acquires new vessel enabling linkage of all ports; rebrands all vessels from OEL to SSL; dedicates SSL SAGARMALA to PM Modi’s ambitious project

Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd, a leading Mumbai-based shipping and logistics provider, part of global conglomerate Transworld Group, has created history by becoming the first to service domestic containerised cargo movement at every Indian port, from Mundra up to Kolkata, all the way along the peninsular Indian coast.

"This is a first in Indian maritime history. This will be Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd’s contribution towards the success of Sagarmala project of Indian government," said Mr Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan, Chairman of Transworld Group.

"Furthermore, in line with, and supporting the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi’s ambitious Sagarmala project, Transworld Group has decided to dedicate one of its vessels, M. V. OEL VICTORY, by renaming it as SSL SAGARMALA," Mr Ramakrishnan added.

Deploying the newly-acquired vessel SSL Gujarat, whose delivery was taken on January 19, 2015 at Jebel Ali, Dubai, on self-operated service along the coastal route, has enabled Shreyas Shipping and Logistics to link all ports.

The new service will operate on rotation on the Mundra, Tuticorin, Katupalli, Vizag, Tuticorin, Cochin, Jebel Ali, Mundra sector. Shreyas Shipping and Logistics will deploy two vessels, SSL Mumbai and SSL Gujarat on a 28-day voyage rotation which will provide fortnightly frequency.

The service will be upgraded to a weekly service in the future. The self-operated east coast feeder service from the ports of Kolkata and Haldia to Vizag shall tranship cargo at Vizag and connect to PIX2 service for Gulf countries.

The three-in-one service, which meets the vision of the Ministry of Shipping, emphasises on domestic coastal trade to new areas covering the entire Indian coast, transhipment connectivity from east coast ports to Vallarpadam terminal, and direct sailing from all east and south Indian ports to Gulf, thereby reducing Indian cargo’s transhipment at Colombo.

"Vision of Shreyas Shipping and Logistics is very much in line with the vision of Ministry of Shipping for Indian coastal shipping, and we have been following the directives for the growth of this efficient and cost-effective mode for transporting goods within the country without adding to traffic woes," explained Mr Ritesh S. Ramakrishnan, Director - Strategy and Business Planning, Transworld Group.

"The new policies and initiatives of the Ministry of Shipping will go a long way in developing coastal shipping, to which Shreyas has been committed for the last two decades," added Mr Ramakrishnan.

With this acquisition, Shreyas Shipping and Logistics has rebranded its vessel brand name from OEL to SSL. From now on, all vessels will operate with SSL as the prefix. "The idea is to create a brand name for the company independent from the Group across the globe," Mr Ramakrishnan said.

The new ship has also helped to increase the total tonnage by 25 per cent to GRT of 98,696, thus actively contributing to the growth of Indian tonnage.

With speedy fleet rationalisation, the average fleet age has reduced from 22 years to 19 in the last few years. Shreyas Shipping and Logistics has actively participated in the country’s coastal growth story, and the deployment of SSL Gujarat solely for coastal shipping is yet another move in this direction, highlighted a release.

Source: Exim News Service: Mumbai, Jan. 20