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Antwerp port intends doubling rail cargo transport this decade


Doubling rail cargo transport to and from the port by 2030 is the ambition of Port of Antwerp, Railport and Infrabel’s joint rail vision, presented recently, involves 7 projects to help make the modal shift a reality.

The modal shift will ensure that the port can grow sustainably and remains accessible, with consideration for the environment and surroundings. Rail plays an important role in this for the transport of containers and as a connection to the chemical industry in the hinterland. A freight train takes 50 trucks off the road on average. Cargo transport by train also emits 9 times less CO2, causes 8 times less air pollution, is 6 times more energy efficient and reduces road congestion.

Partnerships and collaboration are essential for implementing the modal shift to rail. Port of Antwerp, Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever, Alfaport Voka and essenscia urged Railport to start active discussions with Infrabel. The result is a rail vision that Port of Antwerp, Railport and Infrabel are seeking to implement as soon as possible. 

The rail vision includes a digital information platform, targeted investments, a neutrally operated marshalling yard and greater aggregation of volumes.

All these projects together will result in making rail transport an efficient, flexible and therefore attractive mode for cargo transport. Port of Antwerp, Railport and Infrabel, under the slogan “Let’s modal shift together”, are reaching out to other companies engaged in rail transport to make the modal shift a reality, as per a release.


Source : Our Correspondent


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