Date: 24/06/2022

Shipping export initiative for American-grown agricultural products
US Agriculture Secretary Mr Tom Vilsack recently announced a US Department of Agriculture initiative that will assist American-grown agricultural products to reach global markets.
Under the program, agricultural exporters will receive $200 per container of farm goods exported out of the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, or Oakland. Exporters using refrigerated containers will receive $400, and export shippers using Oakland can receive an extra $125 for each pick-up of an empty container, as per a release.
Commending the initiative, a US Federal Maritime Commission official said it demonstrates the innovative leadership required to assist the supply chain in these challenging times.  “We must continue to do all that we can to ensure that American-made products remain competitive and are able to reach global markets.  I applaud the Administration’s commitment to prioritising US exports and to ensuring the supply chain is prepared to meet the needs of US exporters.”
Source: Exim News Service: Washington, June 23