Date: 18/08/2022


Q 243: We would like to import printer, plotter. Please advise about HS code & documents required along with compliances.   
A: 1. We have noted your requirement of importing printer and plotter.
2. Please note the details as given in the table:
3. We understand that your import product will be subject to BIS.
4. Printers or plotters must conform to be 13252 (part 1):2010 IEC 60950-1:2005. 
5. The import of goods notified under electronics & it goods (requirement of compulsory registration) order, 2012 [S.O. 2357(e) date 07-09-2012, so 2034(e) dated 25-06-2013 & so 2905(e) dated 07-11-2014] is prohibited unless they are registered with BIS and complies with labeling requirements. 

6. Please refer DGFT Notification no 05/2015-20 dated 07.05.19.
7. General note 2(c) of import policy and policy condition no 2 of Chapter  84 will be applicable:
8. Verify extended producers responsibility (EPR) authorization.
9. Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of Origin, Insurance Policy, Technical Specification and catalogue are other documentary requirement.  
10. Depending upon your product specifications, the import item may be classified under 8443, which you have to examine before importing goods.
Q 244: Can we import broken, used, defective refractory materials as scrap? This will be raw material for manufacture of refractory goods. We will crush the material/refractory scrap before it is used.  
A: 1. Chapter 69 of the Customs Tariff deals with ceramic products including refractory goods.
2. However, the import of all goods, per se, are considered for the purpose of import as new products / fresh products.
3. There is no entry in chapter 69 which covers scrap of refractory materials.
4. In that case, the Foreign Trade Policy related to import of secondhand goods will be applicable.
5. Policy Para 2.31 deals with import of secondhand goods.
6. You can import required goods - broken, used, defective refractory materials as scrap only against Specific Import Licence.
7. An application for grant of an Authorisation for import items mentioned as ‘Restricted’ in ITC (HS) may be made to RA.
Import policy for electronics and IT Goods: The import of Goods (new as well as second hand, whether or not refurbished, repaired or reconditioned) notified under the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, as amended from time to time, is prohibited unless they are registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and comply to the ‘Labelling Requirements’ published by BIS, as amended from time to time’, or on specific exemption letter from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for a particular consignment, as per provisions of Gazette Notification SO No. 3022 dated 11.09.2013. The importer shall re-export such prohibited Goods reaching Customs Ports else the Customs Authorities shall deform the goods beyond use and dispose of the goods as scrap under intimation to MeitY. 

8. Copy of this is to be submitted to DGFT headquarter, Delhi.

9. The application is to be made as per Aayat Niryat Form-ANF 2M.
10. You will require submitting documents prescribed therein. 
11. Original application along with Payment shall be submitted to Regional Authority concerned.
12. Self-attested copy of same shall be submitted to DGFT- online.
13. You will require providing information relevant to your proposed import, as shown in the table.
14. This application is now online.