Date: 04/10/2022

Transworld Group

Transworld Group Singapore celebrates Long Service Awards in Mumbai
Transworld Group Singapore celebrated the Long Service Awards on September 24, 2022 at The Sivaswamy Auditorium, Fine Arts, Mumbai. The event was organised to felicitate the dedicated spirit of employees who have completed 20 or more years of service with the company. 
Founded in 1999 by Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy, Transworld Group Singapore (TGS) is a rapidly growing end-to-end Shipping Logistics company with an eclectic global presence. The wide range of its network includes, BLPL Singapore Pte Ltd, Transworld Terminals Private Limited, Straits Orient Lines, TRANSWORLD GLS, Liberty Navigation (S) Pte Ltd, TLPL Integrated Shipping Services Private limited, Providence Ship Management Pte Ltd, M-Four Estates Private Limited, M4 Foundation Trust and Transworld Wellness. Headquartered in Singapore, TGS constantly strives to achieve success by providing quality services to its customers and trade partners, emphasised a release. 
As someone rightly mentioned, “The key to success is consistency”. TGS is extremely proud and humbled to have such consistent, hardworking and committed employees within the company. This Long Service Awards ceremony was to celebrate and applaud their dedication and loyalty towards the company for the past two decades. 
Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy (Chairman, TGS) and Mrs Mala Mahesh (Director, TGS) graced the occasion and inaugurated the event with the lamp lightning ceremony. The event witnessed a congregation comprising the employees, the award winners and their families across various countries. 
Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy warmly welcomed everyone with his heartfelt speech. He was all excited and thrilled that within a period of 23 years, the company has a pool of employees who have been associated for the last 20 years. He said, “All the employees are the pillars of this company and the company is what it is because of all of you. Today, it’s a day for all of you to celebrate”. He also highlighted that the venue, The Sivaswamy Auditorium, resembled the “Transworld House” with all the decoration, zeal and the environment. The auditorium holds a special place for TGS as it has been named after their founder, Late Mr R. Sivaswamy, who had immense gratitude towards Indian Art and Culture.
42 employees across the globe were honoured by Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy and Mrs Mala Mahesh during the ceremony for their countless contributions and dedication towards the company. 
Many of the award winners have been with the company since the beginning of their careers and today hold significant leadership positions.
As it is said, “Don’t just settle with being successful; remember to be of value as well”. Each one’s journey has been remarkable and an example for others to follow.
As the awards were presented, the entire auditorium was filled with applause, excitement and enthusiasm for the team members. There was no stopping the claps and cheers for all the award winners. It was a moment which will be cherished by all for a long period of time. 
Mr Ganesh Krishnan (CEO – Transworld Terminals Private Limited) thanked all the awardees for their valuable contribution to the company’s growth and making this event a memorable one. He also acknowledged the backend support given by their family members who are also an important and integral part of one big “Transworld Family”.
“Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality.” On that note, Mr Ganesh Krishnan humbly thanked the true leaders and the guiding light of TGS – Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy and Mrs Mala Mahesh — under whom the company is flourishing with all the success. The entire team of TGS showed their respect and affection to Mr Mahesh Sivaswamy and Mrs Mala Mahesh by presenting them a leadership award.
On that note, the event came to an end but its pride, excitement and glory will be there in everyone’s heart for a long time. 
TGS wishes hearty congratulations to all the Award Recipients and their families!
Source: Exim News Service: Mumbai, Oct. 3