Date: 28/05/2024

US exports record LNG cargoes to Asia in H1 2024

A total of 123 US LNG cargoes have travelled to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope so far this year, according to data from S&P Global Commodity Insights. This is the largest number of cargoes to make the journey in a year since Commodity Insights began recording the data in 2010. Annual transits were last seen higher at 120 cargoes in 2021, with just over half making the voyage in H1. So far in May, 29 cargoes took the longest route to reach Asia, after a record number of monthly transits was set in April at 30. Alongside the record number of cargoes transiting the Cape of Good Hope from the US to Asia, a record volume -- around 8.41 million mt -- has made the journey so far this year as well, as per a report.
source: Exim News Service: London, May 27